From Corporate Chat to Real-time Infrastructure all with Open Standards

Real-time chat makes moving data around easier. Whether it is in a mobile or web application or if it's your employees getting down to business.

Chatmongers has the tools to get you up and running fast.

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Chat for Apps

Chatmongers Cloud enables developers to quickly build real-time applications using XMPP.

Instantly provision the resources you need to embed chat, push real-time events, and more in your application. Leave the infrastructure to us.

Chat for Business

Chatmongers chat gets your employees talking without the outside distractions that come with using personal chat accounts.

POP3 authentication integration means that if your employees have email then they also have chat accounts.


Use XMPP for chat and as a messaging layer in your apps. Because XMPP is a long established open standard, you can be sure there's a library for every platform.


Stream content to browsers in real-time. Display ads, notify customers of inventory changes, integrate chat into your website; engage your audience with a real-time experience.


The standard for real-time on the Internet. Chatmongers Cloud gives you proven standards based messaging technology without the hassle of server management.


Chatmongers offers professional services to help you with the design and implementation of real-time systems. Whether you're using our Cloud or your own systems, we can help.

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